New Shop Procedure

1. Log-in and go to
2. Check Aeries for assignments (Resources Tab)
3. Select and print out appropriate NATEF Task Sheet
4. Have work-group check with instructor as to vehicle assignment
5. Have shop foreman log your group into daily work log
6. Shop Foreman will issue keys and tools needed for job
7. Procede to vehicle and complete assignment
8. Check tools, keys back in to shop foreman when job is complete
(minimum of 5 minutes prior to ending of period)
9. Have instructor review and sign task sheets

No changes to this procedure
without instructor approval!



NATEF A5 - Brake Curriculum


NATEF BRAKES Tasklist 2010 (PDF)
NATEF BRAKES Tasklist 2010 (Doc)


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All Students must complete Safety Module on Intro page
before proceeding beyond this point - Click Here
  Brake Videos  
  Brake Types View
  Brake Pedal Operation View
  Disc Brake Operation View
  Disc/Rotor View
  Replace Disc/Rotor View
  Brake Pads View
  Disc Brake Calipers View
  Drum Brake Operation View
  Drum Brake Linings View
  Wheel Cylinders View
  Master Cylinder View
  Brake Force View
  Brake Fluid View
  Brake Lines View
  Brake Bleeding View
  Wheel Speed Sensors View
  Ammco 4000E Brake Lathe Features View
  Brake System Theory  

Chapter 71 (Brake System Fundamentals)

  Chapter 72 (Brake System Diagnosis and Repair) Part 1 View
  Chapter 72 (Brake System Diagnosis and Repair) Part 2 View
  Brake System Measuring Tools  
  Using a Micrometer Math-in-CTE Worksheet
  How to Read a Micrometer
  Micrometer Practice
  Using a Vernier Caliper JPG
  Using a Dial Indicator


  Using a Drum Micrometer PDF
Brake Labs
General Brake Systems Diagnosis

NATEF A5A.1 - Complete work order to include customer concern, cause, and correction

NATEF A5A.2 - Identify and interpret brake system concern; determine necessary action
NATEF A5A.3,4 - Research applicable vehicle and service information View
Disc Brake Inspection
  Brake Measurement Conversions Math-in-CTE II
NATEF A5B.3,A5B6 D.1,2,4,7- Disc Brake Inspection B1 View & Print
  Brake Labs
Hydraulic System Diagnosis and Repair
NATEF A5B.1 - Diagnose pressure concerns in the brake system using hydraulic principles (Pascal’s Law)  
NATEF A5B.2 - Measure brake pedal height; determine necessary action View & Print
NATEF A5B.3 - Check master cylinder for internal and external leaks and proper operation; determine necessary action View
NATEF A5B.6 - Inspect brake lines, flexible hoses, and fittings View
  NATEF A5B.8 - Select, handle, store, and fill brake fluid to proper level
NATEF A5B.13 - Test brake fluid for contamination
View & Print Task
NATEF A5B.11 - Inspect, test, and/or replace components of brake light system View
NATEF A5B.12A - Bleed brakes-Flush system
  NATEF A5B.12B - Vacuum Bleed brakes-Flush system View
  NATEF A5B.12C - Pressure Bleed brakes-Flush system View
  NATEF A5B.4 - Remove, bench bleed, and reinstall master cylinder View
Brake Labs
Disc Brake Diagnosis and Repair
NATEF A5D.1 - Diagnose poor stopping, noise, vibration, pulling, grabbing, dragging or pedal pulsation concerns Evaluate Brake Pads Task
NATEF A5D.2 - Remove caliper assembly from mountings; clean and inspect for leaks and damage to caliper housing

Includes A5D6



NATEF A5D.3 - Clean and inspect caliper mounting and slides for wear and damage; determine necessary action
NATEF A5D.4 - Remove, clean, and inspect pads and retaining hardware
NATEF A5D.5 - Disassemble and clean caliper assembly View
NATEF A5D.6 - Reassemble, lubricate, and reinstall caliper, pads, and related hardware; seat pads, and inspect for leaks View
Included Above
NATEF A5D.8 - Remove and reinstall rotor


NATEF A5D.7 - Clean, inspect, and measure rotor with a dial indicator and a micrometer View
NATEF A5D.10 - Refinish rotor off vehicle


  NATEF A5D.9 - Refinish rotor on vehicle View
  Ammco On-the-Vehicle Brake Lathe Intro Video Video
  Step 1 Video Video
  Step 2 Video Video
  Step 3 Video Video
  Ammco On-the-Vehicle Brake Lathe Manual PDF
Brake Labs
Drum Brake Diagnosis and Repair
  NATEF A5C.1 - Diagnose poor stopping, noise, pulling, grabbing, dragging or pedal pulsation concerns; determine necessary action. P-1


  NATEF A5C.2 - Remove, clean (using proper safety procedures), inspect, and measure brake drums; determine necessary action. P-1
Includes A5C6
  NATEF A5C.3 - Refinish brake drum. P-1 PDF
  NATEF A5C.4 - Remove, clean, and inspect brake shoes, springs, pins, clips, levers, adjusters/self-adjusters, other related brake hardware, and backing support plates; lubricate and reassemble. P-1 View
  NATEF A5C.5 - Remove, inspect, and install wheel cylinders. P-2 View
  NATEF A5C.6 - Pre-adjust brake shoes and parking brake before installing brake drums or drum/hub assemblies and wheel bearings. P-1
Includes A5C2
  NATEF A5C.7 - Install wheel, torque lug nuts, and make final checks and adjustments. P-1 View
Brake Labs
Power Assist Units Diagnosis and Repair
  NATEF A5E.1 - Test pedal free travel; check power assist operation. P-2  
  NATEF A5E.2 - Check vacuum supply to vacuum-type power booster. P-1 View
Includes A5E3
  NATEF A5E.3 - Inspect the vacuum-type power booster unit for leaks; inspect the check valve for proper operation; determine necessary action. P-1 View
Includes A5E2
  NATEF A5E.4 - Inspect and test hydraulically assisted power brake system for leaks and proper operation; determine necessary action. P-3  
  NATEF A5E.5 - Measure and adjust master cylinder pushrod length. P-3  
Brake Labs
(Wheel Bearings, Parking Brakes, Electrical)
Diagnosis and Repair
  NATEF A5F.1 - Diagnose wheel bearing noises, wheel shimmy, and vibration concerns; determine necessary action. P-1  
  NATEF A5F.2 - Remove, clean, inspect, repack, and install wheel bearings and replace seals; install hub and adjust bearings. P-1 View
  NATEF A5F.3 - Check parking brake cables and components for wear, binding, and corrosion; clean, lubricate, adjust or replace as needed. P-2  
  NATEF A5F.4 - Check parking brake and indicator light system operation; determine necessary action. P-1  
  NATEF A5F.5 - Check operation of brake stop light system; determine necessary action. P-1 View
  NATEF A5F.6 - Replace wheel bearing and race. P-2  
  NATEF A5F.7 - Inspect and replace wheel studs. P-1 View
  NATEF A5F.8 - Remove and reinstall sealed wheel bearing assembly. P-1 View
  Brake System Theory  

Chapter 73 (Anti-Lock Brakes)

Brake Labs  
Electronic Brake, Traction and
Stability Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair
  NATEF A5G.1 - Identify and inspect electronic brake control system components; determine necessary action. P-1  
  NATEF A5G.2 - Diagnose poor stopping, wheel lock-up, abnormal pedal feel, unwanted application, and noise concerns associated with the electronic brake control system ; determine necessary action. P-2  
  NATEF A5G.3 - Diagnose electronic brake control system electronic control(s) and components by retrieving diagnostic trouble codes, and/or using recommended test equipment; determine necessary action. P-1



  NATEF A5G.4 - Depressurize high-pressure components of the electronic brake control system. P-3  
  NATEF A5G.5 - Bleed the electronic brake control system hydraulic circuits. P-1  
  NATEF A5G.6 - Remove and install electronic brake control system electrical/electronic and hydraulic components.
  NATEF A5G.7 - Test, diagnose, and service electronic brake control system speed sensors (digital and analog), toothed ring (tone wheel), and circuits using a graphing multimeter (GMM)/digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) (includes output signal, resistance, shorts to voltage/ground, and frequency data). P-1  
  NATEF A5G.8 - Diagnose electronic brake control system braking concerns caused by vehicle modifications (tire size, curb height, final drive ratio, etc.). P-3  
  NATEF A5G.9 - Identify traction control/vehicle stability control system components. P-3  
  NATEF A5G.10 - Describe the operation of a regenerative braking system.